Lucy's Online Growers Market | Delivering farm-fresh produce to Christchurch food lovers

Delivering farm-fresh produce to Christchurch food lovers

Who is Lucy?

Lucy is the childhood nickname of Keryn Pascoe, founder of Lucy’s. Passionate about cooking and eating real, natural, healthy food, Keryn regularly goes in search of the freshest and most wholesome produce that the Canterbury region has to offer. She believes food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and that healthy eating is about keeping the balance right – lots of natural whole foods, plenty of variety, and the odd indulgence.


Back to basics

Keryn supports a “back to basics” approach and encourages others to make the switch from processed food, full of additives, preservatives, trans fats and fillers to fresh whole foods sourced directly from local farms. Cooking from scratch allows you to turn all sorts of fresh ingredients into meals when they’re in season, at their best and cheapest. Cooking this way is generally cheaper than buying processed food and so much better for you.


Start with the best ingredients

Most keen foodies will tell you the true secret of great cooking is starting with the best-tasting ingredients. Having a selection of the freshest and tastiest whole foods at your fingertips allows you to cook the simplest of meals with delicious results.

Support your local producers

We live in a country with bountiful resources ideal for producing our own outstanding food, yet more and more of our food is coming from overseas. The returns for growers are becoming smaller, forcing some to leave the industry. Let’s support our local independent growers and producers and relish the wonderfully diverse range of foods available to us. Shopping with Lucy’s means you are buying food that is grown locally and sustainably, in ways that are healthy and humane.


Let Lucy’s make it easy for you

Lucy’s makes it easy to feed your family the best quality foods from trusted local producers. We’ve handpicked the best growers, farmers and food producers from the Selwyn (and wider Canterbury) area to offer you a delicious selection of top-quality fresh produce and handcrafted products.

Please browse our mouth-watering line up of products and take the time to learn more about our passionate producers. Remember, Lucy’s will deliver direct to your doorstep every Friday afternoon and there is no delivery fee for orders of $100 or more.

Keryn Pascoe, founder of Lucy’s Online Growers Market

Lucy is the childhood nickname of Keryn Pascoe, founder of Lucy’s.

Lucy's is closed as we search for a buyer for the business. We will not be taking any orders until further notice.