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Free-range Eggs (Tray Mixed Grade)

Free-range Eggs (Tray Mixed Grade)

Mixed grade.Tray of 30.

Product Information

The incredibly versatile egg is also one of nature's most nutritious foods. Eggs contain large amounts of protein, amino acids, an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals plus essential fats and antioxidants.
Please note that while obvious debris such as wood shavings or feathers will mostly be removed, the eggs are not washed or wiped thoroughly as doing so would remove the egg's natural “bloom”. The “bloom” is a natural coating on the egg shell that seals its pores, helping to prevent bacteria from getting inside the shell and reducing moisture loss from the egg, keeping it fresher longer.

Producer Information

From Lamond Poultry, a family owned and operated farm. These are great-tasting, nutritious eggs laid by free-range hens fed a 100% natural diet.
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