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Canterbury Kombucha

Canterbury Kombucha

Probiotic Goodness. 275ml
(Unpasteurized and Raw)

Product Information

Kombucha is a living health drink that has been cultivated and enjoyed by humans for over 2000 years for both it's health benefits and it's surprisingly crisp and slightly bubbly flavours. It is made by adding a Tea Mushroom also known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) to a sweetened tea solution and allowing it to ferment in a warm dark place with good airflow. The result is very low in alcohol (<1%) and sugar. Canterbury Kombucha use organic fairtrade sugar and a blend of organic teas and herbs. The tea is brewed in good old fashioned well water that's spent thousands of years creeping downhill from the majestic Souther Alps, filtering naturally through the rocks and geological layers before being drawn up from 60feet beneath our feets then filtered and boiled to make the tea. Choose your favourite from five wonderfully unique flavours, all packed with health-giving goodness!

Chch Cat Chai: A naturally caffeine free premium blend of South African Rooibos tea with chamomile flowers and vanilla oil. Spiced with cinnamon flakes and a pinch of native horopito pepper.

White Rabbit Vanilla Blackcurrant: A naturally caffeine free unfermented South African Green Honeybush tea infused with natural vanilla & blackcurrant.

Mad Hatter Mango: Full leaf organic Fair Trade Indian Black tea blended with Mango & Lemon oils and a sprinkle of native Makomako.

Caterpillar's Crisp'alis Feijoa: Naturally sweet caffeine free South African Honeybush tea with organic elderflowers, Manuka leaf and natural Feijoa oil high in antioxidants.

Producer Information

Brewed by Canterbury Kombucha in West Melton.


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