Lucy's Online Growers Market | Christmas Turkey (size 4.5)
Christmas Turkey (size 4.5)
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Christmas Turkey (size 4.5)

Croziers free-range turkey. Pre-order for delivery 21/22 Dec.

Product Information

Croziers free range turkeys are raised outdoors and are free to forage for food such as grubs, bugs and grass seeds. This makes Croziers turkeys healthier and more flavourful than those force fed a selected grain-only diet in enclosed sheds or barns. All birds are hand processed and unlike others are not bathed in chlorine and injected with oil. A size 4.5 Turkey is Crozier's most popular size and will feed at least 9 adults.

Delivery Information

Selwyn Zone orders will be delivered Thursday 21st December between 3:00pm and 6:30pm; City Zone orders will be delivered Friday 22nd December between 1:00pm and 6:30pm. Alternatively your order can be collected from us at 10 Rossini Way, Rolleston (after 3pm) either on Thursday 21st December or Friday 22nd December.


Lucy's is closed as we search for a buyer for the business. We will not be taking any orders until further notice.