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Tantalize your tastebuds with this exotic fruit!

Product Information

Gorgeous tamarillos sent straight from the orchard in tropical Northland where they are lovingly grown and hand picked. Tamarillos are packed with many nutrients that help improve the immune system. Tamarillos once known as the Tree Tomato, are a tangy, sweet fruit, with a bold and complex flavour. Enjoy tamarillos by simply cutting in half and scooping out the rich juicy pulp. Tamarillos also add wonderful flavour to salads, sauces, chutneys, smoothies and baked treats.

Producer Information

Grown by Tasty Tamarillos, a boutique tamarillo orchard situated in tropical Northland. These gorgeous fruit are lovingly grown using organic manure and organic practices where possible. Sadly up to 90 percent of the orchard succumbed to the devastating psyllid bug that entered New Zealand from North America so the growers have had to resort to using chemical sprays to save their orchard. With a preference for organic and minimally processed food themselves, the growers are very conscious about using the chemicals as sparingly as possibly and the fruit are never sprayed during harvest season.

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